Edelman’s 2021 Global Trust Barometer results released today show that trust is in short supply when we need it most. While Covid has re-stacked trust in institutions, misinformation has torpedoed the trust ecosystem.

The public sees leaders in government (57%), business (56%), and journalists (59%) as purposely misleading people, saying things they know to be false or grossly exaggerating. A sad state of affairs. The infodemic leaves only 60% of Americans willing to vaccinate and only 1 in 3 saying they’re ready to take the vaccine as soon as possible.

At the same time, trust in “my employer” has never been higher at 76% and trust in information from “my employer” (61%) outstrips national government and media reports. Clearly, we are in uncharted territory. The new muscles CEOs and businesses have built over the course of the past year are sure to be stressed and stretched in 2021.

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