May 31, 2023

Let us clarify: We expect your job application to be written by you and not generated by AI, such as ChatGPT. Here is why:

  1. Personalization and authenticity: Job applications allow applicants to showcase their unique skills, experiences, and personality. By writing their own applications, applicants can convey their individuality, passion, and motivations more personally and authentically. This personal touch can help employers understand the applicant’s fit for the role and company culture, which is difficult to achieve through an AI-generated application.
  2. Communication skills: Writing a job application requires effective communication skills, including the ability to articulate thoughts clearly, organize information, and tailor the content to the specific job and company. Employers want to assess an applicant’s writing abilities, as solid communication skills are often crucial for success in many professional roles. Relying on an AI-generated application may not accurately reflect an applicant’s true communication abilities.
  3. Understanding of job requirements: Applicants must thoroughly understand the job requirements and demonstrate how their qualifications align with those requirements. Writing their own application allows applicants to showcase their relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that directly addresses the specific job opening. An AI may need the contextual understanding or the ability to emphasize the most relevant aspects of an applicant’s background.
  4. Ethical concerns: AI models like ChatGPT are trained on large datasets that reflect the biases and limitations present in the data they learn from. Using AI to generate job applications could potentially perpetuate or amplify existing biases and discriminate against specific individuals or groups. Human involvement in the application process allows for fairness, critical evaluation, and the ability to address any biases or unfair practices.

AI is currently not seen as a substitute for the applicant’s effort in crafting a personalized application. Just do you!

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