Here are eight ways to optimize business exposure and improve conversion rates during November and December.

1. Create and maintain your online presence

A proprietary website is the cornerstone of this plan because a business should have an online home. A great website is marketable and connects with set target markets so there’s stronger lead conversion. Remember; social media is a major driver of traffic.

2. Showcase top products and services

During the holidays, showcase your top sellers, packages, and seasonal themed items to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for buyers.

3. Add quick-win product additions

This year you must consider what is be economically feasible for your customers. Offer gift cards, bundle items together, provide holiday wrapping, allow delayed delivery, so customers can select a delivery date.

4. Review platforms

Reviews are a great way to strengthen the reputability of a company because consumer feedback is publicized.

5. Innovative cross-marketing

Finding places online where your target market visits or actively participate is a great start to identifying new places to sell.

6. Branding

It can be difficult to know if a gift recipient purchases a product again because the initial sale was made by someone else. This is why it’s extremely important to have solid branding because someone should easily be able to find an organization based on a name and visual identity.

7. Email marketing

Emails are the no. 1 way to push content to consumers. Topics this time of year might include top sellers, holiday-themed items, sales, and additional news, all with the intent of lead conversion.

8. Join online communities

In-person events are not happening, so the content you’d normally promote on banners, printed materials, etc. has been partially or entirely suppressed. Try co-hosting events, marketing, and partnerships online.

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