December 20, 2022
<strong>LET’S HOPE 2023 WILL BE A MORE PEACEFUL YEAR!</strong>

2022 has been a year full of war and crisis, but it was also a year where innovative ideas flourished. It will continue to do so in the new year – also here at the agency.

A terrible war in Ukraine with incomprehensible human suffering and enormous impacts on the whole world is probably what most people will remember 2022 for. The first war between nations on European soil since World War 2 is now in its 10th month and has affected virtually everyone ever since the invasion in February.

Inflation, energy crisis, and challenged supply lines characterize everyday life, including clients who have had to adapt to a time of crisis – right in the wake of a pandemic that certainly also left its mark.

Perhaps that’s why we experience an abundance of ideas and courage to implement those ideas among our clients – they are used to thinking new and being ready for significant changes. They want to try new solutions in recognition of solid competition and demanding customers in all business areas.

This will also be the case in 2023.

While we all hope for an end to the war in Ukraine, there is little evidence that this will happen soon. And this will continue to affect inflation, higher interest rates, and falling house prices. It is a hostile environment for many, but it is also an environment for bold thinking and sharpened strategies.

We also strive for innovation here at the office in central Copenhagen. We have said hello to several new employees during the year, and we are ready to show our capabilities to an even greater extent. Lise became our new Agency Manager (it only took her six months as a senior advisor to prove herself!), Jacob started as an advisor and journalist, and finally, we welcomed Annika as a junior advisor.

And we have plenty on the agenda for the coming year. We will be venturing into podcasts – both the ones we want to make ourselves and the ones we will produce for our customers. As with all communication, content is king. You must have something on your mind if you want others to invest time in you. There is truth to the meme popping up on social media from time to time: “Don’t do a podcast. Go see a therapist”.

So, our goal is to deliver professional, exciting, fun, and relevant content. As always! We know many of our clients are ready to help us do just that!

We will also expand our thought leadership communication for clients, which is not only about products and goods but also about who you are as a company. What values characterize the organization, and how do you communicate them? It is only for some, as we have previously written about here, but when there is a will, attitude, and the ability to act fast, it is a potent tool. We look forward to doing even more.

And not least, we have welcomed new clients as well as old clients back to Think – we are so happy to have you back, and we hope that we can accommodate even more clients in 2023!


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