August 5, 2021

With the growing presence of IT as companies turn digital, technical debt has during the later years emerged as a massive problem for said businesses, who are already lacking a sufficient workforce, as the number of IT developers are decreasing despite a significant need for qualified workers.

“Technical what?” you might very well ask.

In short, technical debt describes what happens when, i.e., a new app is developed using shortcuts, thus leading to high economic costs for the company in the long run.

A new survey made by global headliner Outsystems among more than 500 IT directors worldwide shows the scale of the problem with technical debt. More than a third of the IT budget at the participating companies of various sizes in the survey is spent on handling these-related issues. This, of course, leads to a stalling business, and as such, 69% of the IT bosses say that this stuns their ability to innovate and halts the company’s progress.

During the process of developing apps, there is almost always a conflict with deadlines, which leads to the app being completed in time but containing flaws. This technical debt – if unmanaged – will grow along the way until it renders the app obsolete or at least unable to communicate with the latest technology, leading to a considerable expense for the companies.

At Outsystems, they have for the last 20 years build up a reputation as experts at handling technical debt before this ever becomes an issue, providing their customers with flexible and reliable tools for developing apps that underway monitors the development of technical debt – and in doing so makes sure that it is handled accordingly.

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