Have you ever experienced being ghosted by a potential client? Unfortunately, we have – all the time. And from what we hear from our agency friends, it’s a common issue.

You know the drill – you put in so much time and effort and spent hours brainstorming and crafting the perfect proposal, hoping to land a new project. You have several meetings with the potential client; you present the proposal, everything seems to be going great, and then… radio silence.

It’s like waiting for a text back from a crush. You keep checking your phone, refreshing your email, and nothing. The silence is deafening. Did they lose interest? Did they find someone better? Did they get eaten by a pack of wolves? Who knows? We for sure don’t because they are not taking our calls!

But seriously, it’s frustrating to spend days coming up with the best proposal only to be met with silence. A pitch significantly strains an agency on both time and expenses. If only clients knew just how much time we spend researching them and developing insights and ideas that work. You may have even turned down other projects or opportunities because you wanted to work on this project and put all your energy into it.

And the worst part? You’ll never know why. Maybe they found another provider, changed their mind, hated everything you proposed, or decided they didn’t have the budget after all. But without any communication, you’re left in the dark.

Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating – and expensive – to deal with clients who never reply. So, from now on, if all else fails, we’re sending a carrier pigeon – because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned bird delivery?

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