July 10, 2023

So, we’ve established that we are open during summer, but what will we be doing?

As a communications agency, we typically continue our operations throughout the summer, although the specific activities may vary depending on our clients and their availability. Here are some common tasks that we undertake during the summer months:

Client Management: We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, providing support and strategic guidance. We conduct regular meetings, check-ins, and progress reports to ensure that client objectives are being met.

Content Creation: Summer presents an opportunity for us to develop and create content for our clients. This could involve writing and editing blog posts, articles, opinion pieces, thought leadership, speeches, social media content, press releases, and other materials to promote our clients’ products, services, or events.

Social Media Management: As we handle many social media accounts for our clients, this responsibility continues unchanged during the summer. We create and schedule posts, monitor engagement, respond to comments and messages, and analyze the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Media Relations: We maintain relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure coverage for our clients. This involves pitching story ideas, coordinating interviews and press releases, and monitoring media coverage to ensure accurate representation of our clients’ messages. Much of the media relations work has been planned beforehand with journalists before they take off for vacation.

Event Planning: We assist in planning and executing events, such as product launches, conferences, or media briefings. During the summer, we continue to organize and coordinate these events, ensuring smooth logistics and effective communication and getting a head start before everyone is back in August.

Research and Analysis: We conduct market research, competitor analysis, and audience research to inform strategies. During the summer, we continue to gather data, analyze trends, and identify new opportunities for our clients.

Strategic Planning: Summer is the perfect time for us to assess and refine our client strategies for the upcoming months. We conduct strategy sessions, brainstorm new ideas, and develop comprehensive communication plans for our clients, so all is good to go when they return relaxed and suntanned ☀️

Sounds fun, right? 😎😎

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