October 23, 2023

Written by Rie Reinholdt, PR Intern at Think PR

What to expect when entering the world of PR?

Working as an intern at a PR agency is an exciting and dynamic experience, offering a unique glimpse into the world of public relations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what it’s like to intern at a PR agency and outline the typical tasks and experiences you can expect.

Welcome to the PR World

Your first day as a communications intern blends excitement and nervousness. You step into a bustling office where phone calls and emails are constantly zipping back and forth. Here begins your journey into PR, where tasks are diverse and often unpredictable.

Task Planning and Research

A significant part of your role as an intern at a PR agency involves task planning and research. This forms the foundation of any successful PR campaign. You’ll be asked to research clients, their industries, competitors, and the latest trends. This information is used to develop PR strategies that generate attention for the client’s products or services.

Press Releases and Content Creation

As an intern, you can anticipate working on writing and content creation. You might assist in crafting press releases, articles, blog posts, and social media updates. Your writing skills must be sharp, as these materials are central to conveying the client’s message to the press and the public.

Media Relations

A crucial part of PR is building and maintaining good relationships with the media. This involves reaching out to journalists, editors, and bloggers to secure coverage for the client. As an intern, you may get involved in sending out press releases, arranging interviews, and monitoring media coverage.

Event Planning and Execution

PR agencies are often responsible for planning and executing product launches, press conferences, and conferences. As an intern, you might assist in organizing these events, from finding suitable venues to ensuring everything runs smoothly on the actual day.

Monitoring and Reporting

Evaluating the success of PR campaigns is essential. As an intern, you may be tasked with monitoring media coverage, social media, and metrics to assess the impact of the activities. This often involves using specialized tools to gather data and create reports for clients.

Learning Through Experience

Working as a communication intern at a PR agency is an in-depth learning experience. You’ll encounter challenges that require creativity, patience, and strong communication skills. You’ll learn to function in a fast-paced, time-sensitive industry where adaptability is critical.

Final Thoughts

Being a communications intern at a PR agency is both demanding and rewarding. You can work with exciting clients, develop your skills, and become part of a team dedicated to shaping and sharing positive stories about your clients. If you are passionate about communication, this experience is a valuable step into the PR industry. It can pave the way for an exciting communication and public relations career.

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